The meal enters the cooler through an air lock and is transported through the system by means of a variable speed paddle conveyor before leaving the cooler through a similar air lock. The paddle conveyor variable speed feature enables the plant operator to adjust the cooler to the correct retention time for various process conditions.

Cooling air enters the cooler through an air box under the bed. Airflow is regulated by means of a damper.

An air dome over the fluidized bed allows for the air through the system to slow down before passing on to dust separation. This way, the dust in the air is allowed to settle down into the bed. The minute amounts of dust that do leave the cooler, are separated from the air in our proven cyclones.

The meal coolers may be manufactured in mild or stainless steel. The coolers require little space in relation to their cooling capacity. All adjacent components such as cyclone, fan and damper can be arranged according to plant specific requirements.


The rated performance on meal coolers are 5-20 t/h of meal.


  • The damper can be replaced by fan frequency converter.
  • Dust separation can also be carried out by means of filter.