The Haarslev Rotating Tube Dryer – popularly known as a RotaTube Dryer – is the go-to solution for large-scale contact drying of biomass of many different kinds.

These units consist of six bundles of steam-heated tubes inside a rotating drum fitted with lifting paddles. The steam enters at one end of the bundle and the condensate leaves at the other.

These extremely large dryers can provide approx. 2000 square meters of heating surface. Their big advantage is that they are significantly lighter than disc dryers (which are normally available with up to 700 square meters of heating surface) in terms of weight per unit of heating surface.

The unique heating/weight ratio of these dryers means they are used in an unusually wide range of drying setups.

Applicable for

  • Drying fish meal
  • Drying ingredients for protein-focused animal feed
  • Drying materials (such as spent distillery grains – DDG and DDGS) to be used as fuel
  • Mechanical dewatering of stillage
  • Drying by-products
  • Drying biomass (such as sawdust or peat) as part of producing pellets and briquettes