Removing of liquid from cooked fish and meat.


The Vibrating Screen is designed for optimum straining of cooked fish or meat prior to twin screw press. It consists of a screen unit mounted inside a stainless steel housing. The screen plate is stretched over a steel frame, mounted on four brackets with rubber buffers, which reduces external vibration to a minimum and is kept in place by means of adjustable spring loaded bolts on the sides.

An eccentric shaft applies the vibration action on the screen unit.

The housing consist of two parts of which the top section can be removed for maintenance access. Inspection lids on both top and side of upper section.


The housing has flanged inlet and outlet and is equipped with four brackets for mounting on a steel support, The bottom section is V-shaped with outlet chute for liquid fraction.


Rated capacity for Vibrating Screen 30-50 t/h  of cooked fish or meat.


Different perforation of screen plates, depending on type of raw material and other characteristics. Capacity and vibration can be adjusted by variable speed drive system.