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Large variations in industrial operations is a well-known challenge world-wide leading to excessive energy consumption, bottle necks and other irregularities.

CORE has developed a patented software package which, unlike regular process controllers, utilizes core information regarding process history and adapts to the variations before it is too late. This results in a leaner production, higher yields and an improved quality of end products.

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Large variations in industrial operations is a well-known challenge world-wide leading to excessive energy consumption, bottle necks and other irregularities.


CORE’s controller stabilizes the process, saves energy, increases throughput and ensures a uniform water content at the outlet.



Energy consumption reduced 18%
Capacity improved 26%
Yield improved 1.4%



The flow through the evaporator and the condensate flow are often irregular, and the concentrate varies accordingly.


CORE’s controller stabilizes the flows, reduces the energy consumption and optimizes the dry matter in the concentrate.



Energy consumption reduced 20%
Concentrate dry matter increased 11%
Payback period 5 months

Fat Screw Press


Large variations in pressing amperage lead to variations in product quality and lower yields.


CORE’s controller stabilizes the press amperage, utilizes the buffer capacity better, and ensures a uniform quality.



Protein content improved 1.5%
Fat in meal reduced 1%
Variations in end quality improved 55%


Control optimisation

The challenge is to have the proteins sufficiently coagulated and at the same time keep the temperature below boiling point.


CORE’s controller stabilizes the exit temperature, reduces the energy consumption and increases the capacity.



Energy consumption reduced 11%
Capacity improved 20%
Variations in temperature reduced 70%

Twin Screw Press

Control optimisation

Often too much water is led to the dryer from the twin screw presses, increasing energy consumption and production time.


CORE’s controller stabilizes the torque at a sufficient level, improving the energy efficiency and lowering the production time.



Moisture in press cake reduced 4%
Production time reduced 13%
Variations in torque reduced 40%

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CORE specialists only enter projects with a payback period less than one year, and solutions are implemented without the need for disturbing production due to a clear and safe interface. Contact us to see if CORE can help you improve your control system and gain a higer return on investment. CORE specialists can help you calculate the ROI on your investment.

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