The CORE advanced process control realizes the process potential and provide substantial savings and benefits within a short payback period.

What is CORE?

CORE Advanced Process Control technology is based on an on-line adaptive control method that continually takes interrelationships and process history into account. The adaptive controller predicts process variations and delivers reliable adjustments accordingly. As the process conditions are changed, the controller adapts to these changes, ensuring that the process is running optimally at any time.

CORE controllers are applicable for high as well as low temperature production lines, and controllers are provided for selected machines as well as for complete production lines.

CORE builds a data-driven model for the unit operation based on process responses to adjustments. The advanced process controller uses the model to predict how the process will respond to changes, and adjust the process accordingly to achieve the desired response. The CORE controller thereby reduces variations significantly (30-60%).



The advanced controllers are easily implemented and commissioned without disturbing production. Unlike traditional model-based controllers that need to be “trained” by a large amount of data before commissioning, the CORE controllers don’t need any pre-training and therefore they are not dependent on ‘representative’ pre-data.


The controllers from CORE are purpose-designed and adapt quickly on-line to the process conditions when commissioned. Variations are reduced and performance is improving. Within a short period of time, the optimization process provides the wanted consistency and realizes the potential savings and benefits.


  • Delivered on standard PLC platforms
  • Swiftly implemented and commissioned
  • Installed without disturbing production


  • Clear interface and communication
  • High stability - variations are significantly reduced
  • A short payback period

    • Saves 4 million kWh in energy
    • Reduces CO2 emission by 800 ton every year
    • Improves throughput and capacity by 5%
    • Improves yield by 0.5%
    • Decreases variations in temperature by 50%
    • Has a payback period of 10 months
    • Brings benefits and savings corresponding to 2 EUR per ton raw material

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    Harald Petersen
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