The Global Services team makes sure your commissioning is well-planned and the handover smooth, so your employees have the documentation, user guides, training and maintenance guidelines they need to operate the new equipment safely and effectively.


It’s important that bringing new equipment and systems into service goes smoothly,
to avoid processing stoppages and loss of revenue.

Our full range of commissioning services includes:

Full range of pre-startup preparation, testing and calibration

Handover of documentation, approvals and certification

Establishing guidelines for service, maintenance and spare parts management

Control system user guides

Mechanical and process training

Post-startup supervision

360° Field Service?

Many customers opt for our 360° Field Service program right from the commissioning phase. The program gives you regular site inspections, process training, mechanical training and more.

It’s a great way to make sure that your operators always have what they need to keep your plant running at maximum efficiency and with minimal downtime.