Over 100 years of experience have taught us that the better a plant is designed, the more certain it is to deliver the performance, efficiency and profitability you want and expect.


Haarslev’s service mindset kicks in long before you start ordering systems or equipment.

Existing plants

Planning to expand a plant that’s already up and running? We can assess your plant’s current efficiency, and then combine sophisticated tools like 3D building scans with data on your inputs and desired outputs to help you maximize the long-term value of your investment.

Planning for expansions also includes a mass balance calculation and 3D layout and process flow diagrams.

New facilities

If you’re setting up a new plant or line, our team can conduct reliable feasibility studies – based on planned inputs, output needs, available space, calculated mass balance and other factors.

Then we prepare a 3D layout and process flow diagram, before preparing an engineering and systems proposal that promises rapid payback and all the performance you want.

Start off right with

To grant the permits and approvals you need to build, extend or improve a facility, authorities often demand concrete details that aren’t part of the quote you receive from your equipment vendor. The same applies at banks you’ll need to finance your investment.

Haarslev’s Pre-Engineering service gives you the detailed information you need to secure the permits, approvals and financing you need right up front.

As part of the Pre-Engineering service, our team will complete your layout, foundation and drain drawings, mass balances, automation planning, motor and instrument lists, and even emission studies. All for a fixed amount covering this work alone – and that will be deducted from the total cost of your project.

This enables you to start work with greater clarity and certainty, and can reduce the total time it takes to complete your project.