Sustainability by Haarslev
and at Haarslev

Taking care of Tomorrow

It takes colossal resources to raise, feed and process the vast – and increasing – quantities of meat, poultry and fish that mankind consumes. However, as much as 50% of this valuable material all too often just goes to waste – degraded, dumped or destroyed.

Haarslev capabilities help rendering operations deal with these valuable, resource-intensive organic materials effectively and responsibly, enabling our customers to extract maximum benefit and value from them, at the same time as safeguarding our planet’s precious resources.

Haarslev technologies and equipment enable companies to recover, upcycle and refine these meat, poultry and fish by-products, co-products, leftovers and waste. We help our customers turn low-quality residuals into higher-value products and ingredients that combine commercial gains with significant reductions in environmental impacts.

By applying Haarslev experts’ unique know-how and in-depth practical knowledge about the industries and processes we work with, and using the most energy-efficient systems and machinery available, Haarslev plays a key role in enabling our customers to establish and maintain ESG-appropriate operations that play a responsible role in tomorrow’s world.

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Natural focus

Haarslev has always had a natural, built-in focus on sustainability – long before the word ever entered mainstream use.

We have half a century of documented focus on reducing our customers’ use of energy, water, steam and fuels – for the simple reason that these are major cost items in rendering operations, which are the main business for most of our customers.

This well-trained, in-depth engineering agenda also gives us a natural, two-birds-with-one-stone focus on reducing the environmental impacts normally associated with operating Haarslev equipment and systems.

The sustainability decision

Haarslev is the global market leader for the design, manufacture and configuration of equipment and systems used in rendering operations. This makes it both natural and essential for us to also take the lead in responsible, sustainable business practices in our particular industry segment.

Haarslev therefore wants to make an active, front-runner contribution to environmental and social sustainability, with practical measures that have a significant impact.

The most effective way we can do that is by applying Haarslev’s stand-out skills, capabilities and technologies to encourage and enable customers all over the world to conduct their rendering and other processing operations more responsibly, more sustainably and more ethically.

Sustainability at Haarslev

We also maintain a strenuous focus on environmental as well as social sustainability and responsibility within Haarslev itself.

We’ve moulded our overall sustainability strategy in accordance with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for effective corporate climate action. This internationally accepted framework helps us set solid but ambitious as well as realistic ESG targets for our own activities. We publish these in our annual ESG report, which also documents our progress towards reaching the targets we have agreed on – and can be externally validated.

Specific Haarslev ESG objectives include reducing footprints as well as comprehensive programs of energy saving and responsible recycling at all Haarslev sites. We also extend Haarslev’s sustainability focus as much as possible via stakeholder collaboration and supplier screening structured around practical implementation of effective sustainability measures.

At Haarslev, we also have a strong focus on the well-being of the people who work for us – both directly and indirectly. That’s why we go big on all aspects of health, safety and employee welfare. This includes devoting considerable resources to staff training, and to continuously developing and refining staff skills and capabilities, as well as measures to support personal well-being and mental health. We want our staff to appreciate coming to work here every day, to enjoy their jobs and to feel loyal to the company and its aspirations.

As a further part of our social responsibility efforts, we actively pursue our social responsibilities both within the company and out into the surrounding communities. The Haarslev guidelines for business ethics therefore feature clear statements about how we deal with diversity, non-discrimination and human rights.