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The Flexicon™ solution is patented technology, Haarslev is the only place you can source this key item of equipment.

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You probably already know all about the leaks in your standard stuffing box solution – as well as about the many different kinds of problems these leaks give you and your staff.

• Dirty, bothersome leaks from the stuffing box
• Lots of costly braided packing needed
• Bearing contamination as a result of leaks
• Unsustainable water consumption for post-leak cleaning operations
• Loss of process material from your machinery

With traditional solutions, the seals on many of your machines will often need changing and service up to 20 times a year.

Haarslev has the ideal, cost-saving solution to this well-known, age-old problem.


• Removing all radial forces significantly reduces the main cause of leaks from   machinery stuffing boxes
• Service life of the braided packing significantly extended
• Using less braided packing helps reduce your facility’s CO2 footprint
• A minimum of product is wasted via losses into the seals of the bearing housings
• You use less water (and fewer chemicals) on cleaning processes
• Fewer costly man-hours spent on cleaning, service and maintenance

The Haarslev Flexicon


How a Flexicon™ solution saves you money. Cost-wise, Flexicon™ is a no-brainer.

• You buy fewer braided packings
• You spend less time/money changing them
• You use less water on cleaning
• You buy fewer cleaning chemicals/materials
• You spend less time, money and manpower on cleaning
• You drastically reduce bearing break-downs – with all the costly knock-on effects and processing   interruptions these have

Here’s the math:

Ordinary Ø400 screw conveyor fitted with a traditional static stuffing box
Maintenance costs:
12 x braided packing @ €100 = €1200/year
250 x tightening of bolts, 6 mins per tighting = Total cost €2250/year
Total: €3450/year

Ø400 screw conveyor fitted with a Flexicon™ solution
Maintenance costs:
2x braided packing @ €100 = €200/year
50 x tightening of bolts, 6 mins per tightening = Total cost €400/year
Total: €600/year


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