Installing processing systems is rarely a once-and-for-all decision. New technologies emerge, new capabilities are developed, improvements are made. Companies’ requirements change, market expectations evolve, and new commercial opportunities arise.


Haarslev Global Services are a rapid, reliable way to revamp, improve, optimize and update your existing equipment or processing lines – whether supplied by Haarslev or not.

You get better results at lower cost, happier customers, and employees who are more satisfied with their jobs – and do them better.

Good data for better decisions
If you’re going to make good decisions about revamping, improving or modernizing any part of your processing setup you need reliable, relevant data to back them up.

The Haarslev Global Services team provides comprehensive equipment and data monitoring services, performance and efficiency analyses, energy optimization assessments and special “try it and see” test facilities that give you the best info for planning your plant’s future profitability.

Requirements change
Haarslev specialists are also on hand to help you deal with the constant changes in legislative requirements and environmental protection directives.

We can help reduce all kinds of emissions from your Haarslev processing equipment, by implementing new control and monitoring technologies, odor control systems and other specialist equipment.

Smooth implementation
Processing lines often require meticulous coordination and careful attention to multiple operating parameters. You can draw on experienced Haarslev service technicians to implement any revamping, updates or improvement measures smoothly and reliably, with an easy, well-planned transition.

The control quotient
One of the most cost-effective ways to improve your processing setup with minimum practical disruption lies in electronic control and monitoring systems that ensure faster reactions to changes in inputs and conditions, improve output consistency and quality, and help document compliance with quality requirements.

Haarslev control systems and automation capabilities can also link up and integrate different individual operations so you can significantly improve the efficiency of many processes.

We can also help you improve the performance of your processing setup by installing special CORE adaptive controllers. These use advanced software algorithms to automatically make on-line corrective adjustments, smooth out variations in operating conditions, and provide more consistent quality.