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For odor control

Decades of experience designing and manufacturing thermal oxidation solutions combined with available chemical and biological systems complete a full range of possibilities. Haarslev is the guarantee customers need to ensure their activities have minimal environmental impact.

Odor Control
Air Washer

Make sure air flows from your rendering operations have the right levels of humidity, and impurities are removed

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Odor Control
Chemical Scrubber

For dealing with VOC-related odor problems when processing meat and fish by-products

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Odor Control
Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

Eliminate odor problems stemming from rendering and processing meat and fish by-products – and other industrial processes.

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Odor Control
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

To combat VOC-related odor problems when rendering and processing meat and fish by-products – and in other industrial processes

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Odor Control
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

For condensing vapors from cookers and dryers used in meat rendering and fish meal plants, using liquid as the cooling medium.

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Odor Control
Air-Cooled Condenser

For condensing vapors from cooking or drying meat or fish by-products, using air as the cooling medium.

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Taking care
of tomorrow

Haarslev Global Services makes sure your business keeps on going

Downtime is the worst for all companies. You just have to avoid it at all costs. Our systems have been designed to ensure maximum uptime.
Haarslev Global Services department helps keep your plant running reliably, efficiently and profitably every day of the year.

Highly trained experts are available to give you the best advice when it comes to mastering your processes and by implementing the right procedures for maintenance and spare parts stock, you will be able to:

  • guarantee your throughput
  • obtain more yield per product
  • achieve a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Harald Petersen
Mechanical Engineer