Haarslev´s installation of the biggest continuous cooker ever in Brazil

22.08.2019 News

The HAARSLEV US 3200 will be the biggest continuous cooker ever installed in Brazil


(See a video of the cooker by clicking the picture)

On sixth of August, this massive 130-ton cooker was installed at the new processing plant NUTRIZA AGROINDUSTRIAL ALIMENTOS S.A. in Pires do Rio – GO(Brazil), where it will process 400 tons/day of poultry by-products, which corresponds to three times its own weight!

Since it exceeded the capacity of our crane bridges, we had to use a hydraulic lifting system known as “bonfire” to load it on the low bed semi-trailer.

Congratulations to the local Haarslev team and General Manager Carlos Pace in Brazil for the excellent work!


About The Continuous Cooker

This system was designed for cooking animal by-products, for medium to large production capacities.

The continuous cooker secures homogeneity of the final products, to which extent users can save resources on the low ratio of energy used per each kilogram of material processes.

Furthermore, a continuous cooker is among best-selling machines at Haarslev and more than 70 units have been sold in Brazil.

The 3200US model is specified by its power of 160kW and evaporation capacities are 10,000 kg per hour.


Additional Features:

– The adjustable cooking temperature according to the process and type of the raw material

– Made with long life shaft in mind

– End products are in the perfect condition for posterior processes e.g. pressing and sterilization

Process is

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Harald Petersen
Mechanical Engineer