Prestage Foods of Iowa – the processing plant of the future

28.01.2020 News

In the heart of the Midwest, you find Prestage Foods of Iowa – the most advanced and modern processing plant in the world. The advanced, high-tech pork processing facility began commercial operations in March 2019 and is now processing ten thousand animals per shift.



Superior Technology


For Prestage Foods, being able to render at the same capacity was on top of the list of criteria for the rendering area – along with the company’s commitment to the community about environmental controls, namely odor control. To meet these criteria, Haarslev was the ideal choice: “We really saw Haarslev as sticking out with superior technology to control the odor”, says Jere Null, CEO, Prestage Foods of Iowa.


With Haarslev’s technology and training, Prestage Foods is able to increase efficiencies, improve process controls as well as control e.g. moisture and yield. All with a very small labour force and even with no prior knowledge of the system: “This was a brand new system to all of us. It’s been very easy to train on, we’ve run it with people that have never done this before” – Jere Null.



Rendering is a revenue stream


At Haarslev, we strive to assist our customers in harnessing all parts of their processes and with rendering as an important revenue stream, we are proud to say that we have met Prestage Foods’ high expectations. Watch the reference video in our case section here on the website.



“It is the future. It is the way rendering will continue to move forward with all the electronics and automation to ensure that there is a wholesome quality rendering product that's provided to our customers.” – Tim Schelle, Plant Engineer, Prestage Foods of Iowa


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Haarslev Global Services makes sure your business keeps on going

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Harald Petersen
Mechanical Engineer