Haarslev travelling with the Royal Family

28.03.2019 News

Does the Queen of Denmark work for Haarslev?

Henning Haugaard, Regional Director


Actually, sometimes she does – and for other Danish companies too.

When Her Majesty the Queen or His Royal Highness the Crown Prince travels on state visits, it is a long-standing tradition in Denmark that companies are invited to join a trade delegation which travels with the Royal family.

Last week, both the Queen and the Crown Prince together with The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Environment and Food visited Argentina. On this trip, the Trade delegation consisted of over 30 companies focusing on Health Care, Sustainability and Agrobusiness.
Haarslev joined the Agrobusiness track together with companies such as Baader Linco, Arla Ingredients, Novozymes, Palsgaard and Chr. Hansen to name a few.


What does the Royal family do specifically?

They open doors – not literally, all doors are opened for them – but when they travel, they are always met with people at the same state level. In the case of Argentina, the visit was hosted by President Macri & the First Lady, Vice President Michetti, The Minister of Foreign Affairs & Worship and the Minister of Finance. Equally, the Argentinians brought their high-level business professionals and the participants in the Trade delegation could invite their own clients and business partners. The result of all this, was a conference with approximately 250 participants.

Haarslev was represented by our local agent Mr. Diego Artigau and Henning Haugaard. We had invited CEO’s and Senior Managers from the three main Poultry processing companies in Argentina. We were fortunate enough to also meet new contacts from companies very interested to hear more about Haarslev and our rendering solutions.
The conference was concluded with a Gala Dinner hosted by Her Majesty and with Danish and Argentinian entertainment, Danish – Argentinian fusion cuisine and of course wonderful Argentinian Wine.

Argentina is a country with great potential and an amazing relationship-based business climate. It is unfortunately also a country with political instability and financial volatility. Haarslev has a strong presence and great references in the country. There will be ups and downs in the years to come but long term and I am sure we will grow in Argentina and the “door opening” of the Queen and the great work of our agent will support this.

Process is

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