Haarslev announces best year ever, major investment in U.S. market planned

02.01.2017 Press release

Based on preliminary figures, Haarslev Industries is pleased to announce that 2016 was the company’s most successful year ever. The company, which supplies processing equipment for food industry by-products, saw improvements in turnover with higher productivity driving bottom-line growth.


Haarslev CEO, Han Defauwes, attributes the record year to the company’s new strategy, rolled out during the course of 2016. “We are delighted to see our new strategy already bearing fruit, and we look forward to further improvements in 2017,” says Mr. Defauwes, noting that the company will continue to improve its ability to quickly and efficiently meet growing demand for its products and services.


Major investment in U.S. operations

In 2017, Haarslev will invest in product development and machine upgrades, and will be expanding its regional and local presence worldwide. In particular, the company will invest heavily in its U.S. operations—boosting both manufacturing and service capacity in this key market. “Demand for our products and services is on the rise in the U.S., and we will soon announce a major investment to meet the demand,” Mr. Defauwes says.


New corporate identity at IPPE 2017, Atlanta

Alongside the operational improvements that resulted in a record 2016, Haarslev has also implemented a new value-creation model. “Our new value-creation model, which we call ‘Invest in return,’ defines value more broadly than traditional ROI thinking,” says Mr. Defauwes. “For us going forward, value will also include factors like environmental health and sustainability, supporting our customers meet demands from both consumers and government regulators. This, and Haarslev’s goal to be recognized as the world’s leading supplier of fish processing and rendering equipment, will be reflected in the company’s new corporate identity—which will be unveiled at IPPE 2017, Atlanta, on Jan 31–Feb 2.



About Haarslev

Haarslev Industries designs, manufactures, deploys and maintains state-of-the-art systems and equipment for processing fish, animal by-products, by-products from food and beverage production, domestic waste, sewage sludge and biofuels. By supplying solutions that optimize processes and save energy, we help our customers maximize quality, yields and savings—reliably and sustainably. With over 1,100 dedicated employees, we offer manufacturing, engineering, service spare parts and process support on all continents worldwide.


Visit Haarslev Industries in Atlanta at IPPE 2017, Jan 31–Feb 2, Hall B, Booth 4033



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