A Haarslev Fish Draining and Weighing System are specially configured for draining and weighing fish catch as an onshore part of unloading systems.

Water is used to pump from the catch from the hold with minimum damage, but this water needs to be drained off effectively so that the landed catch can be weighed accurately as an acceptable basis for payment.

Nothing goes to waste, and all component systems are engineered for reliability and energy efficiency.

Standardized features and equipment

  • Perforated pre-drainer drum fitted with internal flights for moving the fish and draining off water
  • Rotating stainless steel strainer, with cleaning system
  • Double-chamber weigher – appropriately calibrated and certificated
  • Flotation tank for collecting and separating fat and foam
  • Strainer drum that separates out any solid particles
  • Lamella pumps that move the fish on to appropriate storage facilities, and transfer the water waste for other uses
  • Control and automation systems that integrate processes effectively and ensure efficient operation


Haarslev engineering and fish processing specialists can help you customize this fish draining and weighing system to your specific needs.

Our experts work with yours, to ensure maximum reliability and maximum revenue at minimum cost and with minimal environmental impacts.

Haarslev engineering services can include:

  • Update and refurbishment of any of your existing equipment, if appropriate
  • Integrating equipment from other suppliers for specific functions, if you prefer
  • Integrating any new equipment with legacy installations, if they’re sufficiently efficient
  • Incorporating the latest technical advances, trialed and documented in Haarslev installations all over the world
  • Advanced control, monitoring and automation systems that enable you to achieve and maintain peak operating efficiency at all times
  • Electronic monitoring and modular maintenance/service programs

Customer benefits

  • Transferring the fish in a flow of water helps prevent damage and degradation of the catch
  • Transferring the fish in a flow of water keeps mechanical wear to a minimum
  • Catches maintain quality because of gentle treatment in slowly rotating strainer
  • Recovers and re-uses as much water as possible
  • Low energy consumption and limited environmental impacts
  • Easy to customize to specific processing requirements, space constraints and end-customer specifications

Applicable for

  • Drain as much water as possible from the catch, causing as little damage as possible.
  • Ensure accurate catch weighing that provides a reliable basis for payments and settlements.
  • Recover as much waste as possible, and use it to provide additional revenue in other products.
  • Reduce environmental impacts by recovering as much water as possible, and re-using it elsewhere.