If you need to move liquids containing large particles from one point to another – even over distances of as much as 200 meters – the Haarslev Lamella Pump is ideal. These uncomplicated, extremely robust units are widely accepted as the “gold standard” for pumping meat, fish and poultry material.

This type of positive-displacement sliding vane pump is specifically designed to transfer flows that contain large particles, such as pre-broken animal by-products, pet food or fish, with as little as 20% liquid in the flow. It is ideal for filling all types of cookers and other processing equipment in a closed system that ensures good hygiene and limits odor issues.

Even though these pumps have high capacities, they use very little energy compared with traditional conveying systems. There are four different versions and three different sizes, configured with the infeed on the side or top. They use the same standardized components for maximum reliability and effective spare parts backup.

Applicable for

  • Fish processing
  • Wet and dry rendering
  • Pet food production
  • Poultry offal (except feathers)