The Haarslev Pre-breaker is particularly rugged and hardwearing, designed for breaking down complete carcasses as well as all types of offal and bones from meat and poultry slaughterhouses, so they can be used more effectively in rendering processes, and in accordance with relevant legislation.

Pre-breakers are used for the initial breaking down of input material to particles over 30 mm in size. They are ideal as a first stage prior to crushers, enabling you to align these initial steps with overall efficiency requirements for your process, based on particle size.

The low-speed breaker shaft makes sure the unit can deal with any foreign objects (such as metal) in the input material. Single-shaft and twin-shaft configurations are available. You can select motor size and breaker shaft speed based on the amount of material you need to break down, and the output capacity you require. This helps keep operating costs down.

Applicable for

  • First stage after material bins
  • Installed upstream from crushers, fine crushers, etc.
  • In any kind of rendering processes