At its Zaragoza plant (El Burgo de Ebro) SAICA uses recycled paper for the production of corrugated paper. During the purification of the recycled paper, a fraction of the fibers is separated and classified as waste. This fraction mixed with biological sludge from the waste water treatment plant was previously used as landfill.


Due to economic and environmental costs related to the landfill, SAICA asked Haarslev for a solution: how could they dispose of the paper sludge in a different and more cost efficient way?

Solution & result

Haarslev delivered a drying facility that turns the paper sludge into useful bio fuel, which is now used as fuel in SAICA’s new CHP plant.

The drying facility – the Haarslev Rotadisc Dryer – makes it possible to use trouble waste as a valuable energy source.

By integrating the Haarslev Rotadisc Dryer, TST, into the CHP plant, SAICA uses low pressure steam for drying and hereby reduces cooling water for condensing of steam after the low pressure turbine. Further, heat is recovered from the dryer vapors for pre heating the boiler feed water. This results in a significantly overall increase of the total efficiency of the power plant of approximately 10%.