This sturdy, no-frills cooler enables you to use ambient air to cool a broad range of meal products (usually derived from poultry, fish or meat) after they have passed through a dryer. Cooling helps make the processed cake more brittle, so it’s easier to mill. Importantly, such cooling also enables you to make sure temperatures are kept below 50°C to prevent self-ignition.

The cooler is basically a long drum equipped with an agitator mounted in roller bearings on the end plates. This moves the hot meal (usually 90–110°C) through the cooler, while a counterflow of cooler air is drawn through by a centrifugal fan. This cooler air can either be ambient air or air from suitable processes elsewhere in your plant – usually at approx. 15°C above ambient temperatures.

Rugged construction, few components and wearing parts make this a reliable, inexpensive way to cool a wide range of meal products.

Applicable for

  • Cooling press cake in dry rendering processes
  • Cooling dry goods in low-temperature wet rendering processes
  • Cooling feather meal
  • Cooling fish meal