Modern poultry processing operations often use large quantities of water to remove the feathers once plucked or rubbed off. The sturdy Haarslev Feather Press effectively removes water from chicken, goose and turkey feathers, enabling you to achieve a consistent 55% moisture level.

Haarslev feather presses can be installed downstream from a normal feather separator in a slaughterhouse, or can receive feathers plus their transport water straight from a slaughterhouse pumping system. This type of press normally removes about 350 liters of water per 1,000 kg of wet feathers from the feather separator.

Haarslev feather presses provide significant paybacks in the form of energy savings (in rendering operations) and lower transportation and feather removal costs, simply because the feathers weigh much less once the water has been removed.

Applicable for

  • This is a reliable, cost-effective way to dry the large quantities of feathers resulting from chicken, goose and turkey processing operations.