The Haarslev Frozen Block Crusher is ideal for effectively and reliably crushing blocks of frozen meat and poultry by-products, offcuts and trimmings of all kinds. Such blocks often come from vertical plate freezers, and the material is usually destined for use in pet food.

These large crushers are available in two configurations. The single-shaft unit can crush up to 15 tons/hour of individual frozen blocks, while the double-shaft unit is best for crushing whole pallets of frozen blocks, with an output of 50 tons/hour or more.

Both block crusher types feature knives specially shaped k designed to grip the frozen input material, for effective crushing. This ensures outputs consisting of fist-sized pieces – ideal for efficient grinding further along in your process.

Haarslev Frozen Block Crushers can be combined with a wide range of hoppers, mounting frames, feed systems, discharge systems and other ancillary equipment.

Applicable for

  • Wherever blocks of frozen meat and poultry by-products enter a processing plant
  • Upstream from metal detectors, batching silos, etc.
  • Preliminary processing before use of grinding equipment