Introducing the new haarslev
fat screw press FSP3500

The Haarslev Fat Screw Press provides highly effective mechanical extraction of the fat content from cooked and dried animal and poultry by-products, in a continuous flow. This enables you to achieve a hard cake with a low fat content.

The new Fat Screw Press is based on the wellproven HM3000 screw and cage design. It comes in a new hygienic design with several improvements making installation and service easier.

Among the major improvements are the newly developed pat. pending cage open assist as well as the optional pat. pending automatic cage cleaning system.

This new press is available both with or without a hydraulic choke. It also has a modular drive setup where the main motor can be fitted on either side or on the top of the press.

Applicable for

  • Haarslev fat screw presses are normally installed as an integral part of a high-temperature dry rendering process.