The Haarslev Chemical Scrubber is an effective way to deal with odor problems caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Normally sized to treat 6–8 times the volume of air inside a building or other enclosed space, and to repeat this 6–8 times an hour.

Undesirable odors from rendering operations are mainly the result of degradation of proteins from raw materials producing gases as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as amines, mercaptans, aldehydes, ketones, organic sulfides, etc. This results in complex mixtures of odorous effluents in low concentrations.

This system uses water and reagents to absorb acidic and basic molecules (such as H2S and NH3) and bring about chemical oxidation of the other organic particles. The reagent combinations and equipment configurations are always engineered to order, to deal with the air flow rates and gas compositions in your particular operations.

These systems are available as single or multi-stage setups, with towers made of corrosion-proof. You can also choose between automatic and manual chemical control and monitoring.

Applicable for

  • Processing meat and fish by-products.
  • As a primary chemical washing system in odor reduction.
  • As an additional oxidation stage, in combination with thermal oxidation.