No matter what kinds of meat, poultry or fish by-products you process, you will always need simple, rugged bins for moving, parking and storing everything from raw material and other inputs to your finished output.

They’re a big help in the practicalities of process management, providing you with a low-tech buffer between individual processing lines and pieces of equipment, and helping ensure good flows and maximum flexibility.

Haarslev bins and silos are tough and durable, designed to prevent leaks and ensure compliance with appropriate hygiene standards.

They’re engineered to order from standard components, and can be delivered flat-packed for easy, inexpensive transport.


Haarslev bins and storage solutions give you plenty of choices. A wide range of sizes are available, from small charging/dosing bins to large reception hoppers, storage bins and silos with capacities of 150–200 m3. Different versions are available made of stainless steel, mild steel or combinations of both.

The individual designs and configurations depend on the kind of material you process and need to move, and on what your material will be used for downstream.

Options and configurations include:

  • Hydraulic lids
  • Drain section
  • Load cell systems
  • Leveling screw
  • Steam jacket with insulation

Applicable for

  • Storing and moving all types of liquids or solids, raw material or finished products is designed to help you deal with every processing step efficiently, cost- effectively and hygienically.